Total Building Materials in Worthing | Why Choose Us?

While Total Building Materials travel all throughout Sussex to supply individuals, sole traders and construction companies with the raw materials and tools they need to complete their project to the standard they’ve come to expect, we are very much a Worthing company. Many of our team past and present have grown up in this town before becoming your trusted builders merchants, timber merchants and brick merchants.

Yet, there are still persons in the area who, when in need of quality landscaping materials, roofing supplies, aggregate delivery or fixtures such as Velux windows, aren’t aware that there’s a great option right here on their doorstep. For these clients, and to continue to get our name out there, we present…

4 Reasons to Choose Us

Truly Independent Builders Merchants - …or, more accurately, timber merchants, brick merchants and builders merchants, all under one roof! Why does independence matter? Well, as with businesses in other industries, independence means a fierce pride in our company name that many working at big chains simply don’t have, as well as total autonomy; we can offer deals, finance options and assistance without getting the sign-off from higher ups. We march to the beat of our own drum, which helps us provide a more direct, immediate service to our Worthing clients, whether they’re in need of landscaping materials, roofing supplies like insulation, speedy aggregate delivery or fantastic features like Velux windows.

A Curated Product Range - Some builders merchants, and even some dedicated specialist timber merchants and brick merchants, see themselves as featureless repositories for materials; they expect their clients to do the hard work and sort the quality building materials in their catalogue, from that might lack it. Not Total Building Materials in Worthing. Here, we’ve curated a catalogue of tools, landscaping materials, roofing supplies, products for aggregate delivery, and even Velux windows which will ensure your workmanship isn’t let down by what you have to hand.

Finance Options - We mentioned above that our independent status lets us offer finance offers, which aren’t always available at builders merchants, timber merchants and brick merchants. These include both the options to open cash and credit accounts, simplifying the process of procuring vital building materials, and preventing from Worthing development projects from grinding to a halt. As you’ll see over on our contracts pages, terms can be very generous; it’s our aim to build healthy, happy, long-lasting relationships with our loyal customer base.

A Depth of Experience to Draw Upon – Many of our Worthing customers trust few other parties when they require a second opinion, or some simple advice from industry specialists. Why? Because they see and hear the depth of experience that our team of builders merchants, timber merchants and brick merchants have at their disposal. Whether it’s a technical inquiry on the structural characteristics of a material, or they simply wish for some ideas on what alternate landscaping materials, roofing supplies, aggregate delivery product or Velux windows to incorporate in a project… And many DIY enthusiasts find this experience even more of an advantage, especially when tackling something new.

For any of the products and services listed on this page or elsewhere on our website, contact the veteran timber merchants at Worthing’s Total Building Materials on 01903 766 212.