Builders’ Merchants in Shoreham | Does Total Building Materials Stock Everything, Including Roofing Supplies?

Your reputation is important, so it matters to Total Building Materials that your project plays out smoothly to maintain your good name. Materials play a big role in how well a project goes. To keep on track, it is important to use good builders' merchants. The better companies in the Shoreham area will also be able to cover your needs as timber merchants and as brick merchants too.

While our name might suggest otherwise, we are about so much more than building materials. We also stock roofing supplies, landscaping materials, tools, equipment, fittings and fixtures. You can buy aluminium, UPVC and Velux windows from us, or arrange to have an aggregate delivery made.

Very few builders’ merchants in Shoreham can match our service range.

Because we also trade as timber merchants and brick merchants, we have a broader range of materials and supplies available than even some of the big-name competitors in our area. We supply building materials to the regional construction sector, and to kitchen and bathroom installers. A roofer can access the roofing supplies needed for pitched and flat structures, and those offering garden maintenance services can buy landscaping supplies.

Everything you need is available instore at our premises in Worthing.

Building Good Relationships

You'll spend plenty of time at a builders' merchants over the years. Having a good relationship with them is important for a few reasons. The people who work at a local builders' merchants, timber merchants and brick merchants are usually experienced in the industry. They use their knowledge to help you choose the right building materials for your upcoming projects in Shoreham.

They can also help you figure out how much you need so you don't waste anything. They might know about new products that could make a project cheaper too. Other merchants, like us, will be able to sell you any roofing supplies or landscaping materials you need from one convenient place.

Stock Availability

It's a good idea to visit different builders' merchants to see the products they have in stock. This will help you know where to go should you need something quickly. If a merchant doesn't have something you need, like specialist bricks or tiles, ask how long it will take to get them. If a company has strong links with manufacturers and suppliers, or if they have a local trade network, you should be able to get non-stock items delivered to their premises overnight.

If you cover Shoreham as a specialist yourself, say as an installer or as a loft conversion expert, you will need access to specialist items like aluminium and UPVC windows, or things like insulation, stud partitioning and Velux windows.

Make sure you can get hold of these easily too.

If you need to use a builders’ merchants for landscaping materials, check to see if stock levels are sufficient to arrange a timely aggregate delivery.

Comparing Prices

Of course, you won't want to spend more money than you need to on your project’s materials. Make a list of what you need and ask different builders' merchants, timber merchants and brick merchants for their prices. This way, you can compare costs with other suppliers in Shoreham and choose the best one for your business needs. Don't forget to ask about delivery charges. Some merchants offer same-day or next-day delivery to trade customers.

This is a service that is usually offered for free and covers building materials, roofing supplies, landscaping materials and more. We even have a fleet consisting of HIAB and grab lorries if you need an aggregate delivery.

Trade Accounts

If you are starting a new business, you’ll want to save money where you can. When you get a trade card from a builders' merchant, you can buy materials at a lower price. A credit account lets you buy things now and pay for them later, often without extra charges. This can help you plan your job spending, especially when you are just starting out and maybe need a helping hand. We advise that you apply good fiscal discipline and account management.

The cost of high-value items, like power tools and Velux windows, can leave you with a big bill at the end of the month. Never buy more than you can afford to pay back to keep your building projects in Shoreham profitable.

Making Smart Decisions

There are many builders' merchants out there, big and small, and just as many timber merchants and brick merchants. With so many choices, what else can help you pick the best suppliers for your business? Here's a final tip from Total Building Materials. Think about other ways to get materials at a good price. The more building and roofing supplies you get through, or the more landscaping materials you buy, the bigger the discount you can earn.

Consider too that should you ever need an aggregate delivery service, use a supplier who will drop off materials for free to save money.

When purchasing products like Velux windows, make sure that you come to us with accurate dimensions. If you need a bespoke product for a project in Shoreham and get the measurements wrong, you could end up paying for it twice. Take measurements at least two times just to be on the safe side.

Call our builders’ and timber merchants on 01903 766 212. We welcome new and existing customers from the Shoreham area.