Roofing Supplies & Landscaping Materials in Bognor Regis | Advantages of Opting for Local Independent Brick, Timber & Builders Merchants

If you’re in Bognor Regis, and also in the market for building materials, landscaping materials, roofing supplies, an aggregate delivery service or even key fixtures such as Velux windows, one question looms large – local independents near or larger chain stores? The debate has gained momentum in recent years, and while larger chain stores have their allure with extensive marketing and perceived convenience, the appeal and benefits of local independent brick merchants, timber merchants, and builders merchants should not be underestimated.

In this article, Total Building Materials outlines the myriad reasons why choosing local independents like our own can offer a superior experience, particularly in the areas of landscaping materials, roofing supplies and aggregate delivery.

Reasons to Keep it Local

Local Expertise – Local independent brick merchants, timber merchants, and builders merchants value their communities; Total Build Materials has been born and bred in Sussex, as have our team – we care deeply about the region and our loyal clients within it. This means we’re not just retailers, but repositories of local knowledge and expertise, available to anyone in the Bognor Regis area who chooses to partner with us.

Unlike our chain counterparts, Total Building Materials understands the unique needs and challenges that construction projects being staged around Bognor Regis may encounter. For example, when it comes to selecting the right landscaping materials to enhance the aesthetics of a property, our builders merchants can offer tailored advice, taking into account local climate conditions, soil types, and aesthetic preferences. This level of personalised expertise is a valuable asset that distinguishes us from impersonal chain stores also selling landscaping materials, roofing supplies, Velux windows, as well as others who focus on providing aggregate delivery.

Quality and Craftsmanship – A cornerstone of the local independent ethos is a dedication to quality and craftsmanship; brick merchants, timber merchants, and builders merchants are no exception to this general rule of thumb. We take great immense pride in the products we offer our Bognor Regis clients, which translates to timber that exudes character, bricks that tell stories through their texture, and roofing supplies that are built to withstand the test of time.

A Sustainable Partnership – Sustainability is an imperative consideration in today's construction landscape. Local independent merchants are more likely to prioritise eco-friendly practices, including responsible sourcing of materials and reduced carbon footprints; an example of Total Building Materials doing this is as timber merchants with FSC certified products at hand. That’s not to mention that supporting local builders merchants and brick merchants inherently reduces transportation distances, contributing to a greener environment. When selecting an aggregate delivery option, for instance, choosing one near Bognor Regis minimises emissions.

Flexibility & Customisation – The beauty of working with local independents lies in the flexibility and customisation they offer. Unlike chain stores, which often operate under rigid corporate structures, local merchants are nimble and adaptable. One way we do this is by providing finance options on everything from landscaping materials and roofing supplies, to Velux windows.

In conclusion, the allure of larger chain stores present around Bognor Regis may be enticing, but we believe using local builders merchants, brick merchants and timber merchants like those at Total Building Materials, can provide a wealth of benefits. So when it comes to sourcing landscaping materials that transform ordinary spaces into oases of beauty, roofing supplies that protect and inspire, and aggregate delivery that forms the foundation of solid structures, consider giving us a call.

Get a hold of quality landscaping materials, roofing supplies, and everything else needed to fuel your Bognor Regis development by calling Total Building Materials on 01903 766 212.