Building Materials in Brighton | Using a Builders’ and Timber Merchants vs Ordering Online

The internet has changed how we buy products or use services. For example, people now listen to music on streaming services or download it online. This means there is less demand for a physical product. This might be acceptable in the music industry but for builders’ merchants, timber merchants and brick merchants, it is impossible to showcase products properly on a website. Many of our prospective clients from Brighton feel that buying online is the best way to shop but there will always be times when going to a physical store is better.

Total Building Materials has a strong online presence, but we feel that for the best levels of service, customers and clients should visit us instore.

Here, you can buy the building and roofing supplies you need directly off the shelf. You will also be able to see the landscaping materials we keep in stock, and specialist items like Velux windows which are used for loft conversions.

You can also arrange an aggregate delivery while you are with us.

Of course, with a website, we are already well positioned to provide online services to anybody in Brighton who needs them, but the personal touch is never more evident than when making a visit to our premises in Worthing.

There are, of course, certain building materials that you can buy online, but we feel sourcing them in person is always better. You can often pay a special price at builders’ merchants, timber merchants or brick merchants that won’t be available on the internet. Instore, you can buy everything that you need for a project, set up an account if you need one and, best of all, you will get the help and advice you need on supplies from our experienced staff.

Should I Buy Building and Roofing Supplies Online?

If you think that it might be best to buy building materials, roofing supplies or landscaping materials from a store rather than online, we can give you a few good reasons to do so. Firstly, if you need materials for a building project, you might need a lot of one thing which can cost more when buying online. If you can only view pictures, you might not receive what you expect when an order arrives. Colours often look different when you see them in real life.

If you need Velux windows for a conversion project, it might be a challenge to find the correct size and profile when you place an online order. Coming in to see us personally also means that you can drive away with the materials you need today, whereas an online order might take days to arrive.

This can slow down the progress of jobs in the Brighton area.

The internet has plenty of good information, but it is not the same as talking to a real person instore. If you tell us exactly what you need, we can guide you towards the right materials and tell you more about them. Depending on an order’s volume, you might get better prices if you shop instore regularly.

This doesn’t mean that you should never buy from builders’ merchants, timber merchants or brick merchants who only trade online. If you need an aggregate delivery made to Brighton, then ordering from the internet is fine.

Seeing Building Materials in Person

Seeing things in person is important for getting the job right. When you make the trip from Brighton to our combined builders’ merchants, timber merchants and brick merchants in Worthing, you can compare the colours and textures of building materials, roofing supplies and landscaping materials in real life. This can help you see how different materials work together. Some things may seem nice on their own, but you won't know how they really fit in with the rest of your choices until an order arrives if you decide to take the online route.

We would say that some items, like Velux windows, are best seen in person.

Even though it is easier to compare prices online, we believe that you get the best deals in real premises. If you are wondering where to go for a good deal, you need to find a company that matches the ambition of your projects in the Brighton area. Total Building Materials welcomes new and existing clients.

Order an individual item or an aggregate delivery online by all means but we suggest coming in to see us at a more personal level for larger orders.

Call our builders’ and timber merchants on 01903 766 212. We welcome new and existing customers from the Brighton area.